Health Project

January 26, 2017

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The Health Project delivers essential medicines and supplies, volunteers and medical training to prevent disease, promote wellness, respond to disaster and save lives around the globe.

By providing medicines, health expertise and training, this project builds capacity around the globe by supporting local health care workers to promote wellness and save lives every day in areas that need it most.

When disaster strikes or emergencies arise, this project will respond quickly by distributing essential medicines and supplies and volunteer help to those who need it most.

Infectious diseases, including TB and HIV, still affect millions around the globe. And this project is there on the front lines building the capacity to fight these diseases and focusing on prevention and care.

This project will be a leader in providing community education and health care worker training to help halt the global epidemic of diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.


Individual patient treatments

Preventions and control of blindness by providing standard and sustainable eye care services which are accessible and affordable to all regardless of gender, race, color or religion. Its essential components would be hospital-based tertiary eye care services, community-oriented prevention of blindness program, need-based human resource development, promotion of basic and applied research in ophthalmology and development of appropriate and affordable technology.

Our aims and objectives:

  • We will build hospitals and clinics
  • Quality training for doctors and paramedics.
  • Widespread outreach program with camps all over the country.
  • Disease specialist clinics for all diseases.


We will purchase ambulances for areas where they do not have clinics. This will provide free medication to various areas. Instead of having one fixed place to supply the medication the mobile clinic will be able to travel to places where there are poor and ill people. This will give the people a better chance of survival. If the illness cannot be treated in this ambulance then the person will be taken to the closest hospital.

Quick Response Ambulance

We will purchase quick response ambulances so when there is an emergency the quick response gets there immediately. Once the quick response is there it will notify the fully equipped ambulance about the situation. If the situation cannot be contained or resolved the quick response ambulance will call the fully equipped ambulance which will be able to cure the patient. If the quick response judges the situation as serious then the patient will be transported to the hospital where treatment will begin. This will give the people a better chance of survival.