Orphan Project

January 26, 2017

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Our job is to ensure vulnerable children are protected, to the best of our ability, wherever they are!

We will erect an orphanage for the children whose parents have passed away due to natural disasters, illnesses and diseases.

To share love and compassion with orphaned, street children, child laborers, ex-child conscript soldiers and abused children through creating a stable home, school and community base for them.

Giving the children nutritious food, clean water, medical care, clothing, and a warm bed.

Providing the children with a multi-dimensional education, that both embodies and reaches beyond the traditional classroom.

Teaching the children how to grow and develop in an age of globalization while instilling a strong sense of cultural identity and connection to their heritage.

Establishing a relationship with the local community, raising local awareness and stressing community influence. Changing the social perspective towards the poor and lower castes.

To protect the orphaned, street children and vulnerable children.

To conduct scholarship programs for children from underprivileged community.

To work in coordination with District Children Welfare Board (DCWB) and such other organizations.